Winners of the Competition # 7

So here it ends. Competition # 7 was a Premium Competition and only those who had our Premium membership were allowed. Announced on 11th May, 2017, it extended to 31st May, 2017. Our Premium Members who are also great writers, took part in the competition. The topic was “Characteristics of an Ideal society”. The First Position Holder was supposed to win Rs. 5,000/-. Likewise, 2nd position holder was supposed to win Rs. 2000/- and Rs. 1,000/- for the 3rd position.

It is interesting to know that although only three prizes were reserved for three winners, but on examining and evaluating the articles, results discovered two participants holding the same 1st Position. So, we eventually decided to give four prizes this way. Rs. 5000/- for both of the 1st position holders and two other prizes mentioned above.

Anyway. Here are the winners.

Third Position

Syeda Maria Afrin holds 3rd position. She one of the earlies Premium Member of our Platform and writes good enough.

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Second Position

Misbah Noreen is the Second. I was not expecting these great results from her to be honest. As I had seen her previous articles and they were not more than a kind of average TRY. But see, this time she caught the ball. Congratulations.

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First Position

And here comes the 1st position holder (actually holders).

Gul e Rana. The quietest Member of our Premium Club. And right now she just turned the bench. One of the two judges I chose for evaluating the articles is a friend mine who’s actually a PhD research scholar in Social Sciences. And he, unexpectedly, gave the highest marks to Gul e Rana’s article concluding that her article is found to be the most effective one out of all others.

write and earn

Aroosa AroojΒ is the first Premium Member of LivingWriting. And she is the only member I like most because of her nature. She has been participating in almost all the writing competitions held here. Strange is the incidence that she never held any position ever. But this time, she has done a wonderful work and see, here she is. The First Position Holder!

Congrats all from my side.

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