Role of a Writer in Our Society (Position Holding Articles)

Role of a writer in society Komal Zaheer

1st Position: Komal Zaheer

The importance of a writer is only ever exceeded by the importance of the written word. Indeed, texts and books play a huge part in the emergence of great civilizations and the conservation of ancient times gone by. We know what we know of the past because someone decided theirs was a story that needed to be written down for the knowledge of generations to come. However, it is the way a story ; fact or fiction is written, that truly captivates the reader and not only demands their attention but leaves a visible impression in the minds and the souls of the readers. Before the written word, there were paintings and before these picturesque sceneries and portraits graced our walls, we had music; symphonies and harmonies that entranced audiences and helped evoke a love for art. That is exactly what a writer should be seen as; an artist. Is it not artists that create a world beyond our own physical manifestation, a chance to live countless lives and even the ability to be inspired by the words of a visionary, or a poet, or a scholar,or a novelist or any other form of literary accomplishments we can find today.

3rd Position (Rs. 1000) Komal Zaheer

Throughout history it can be seen that when in times of uncertainty, of revolution and of great dissent, the writer became the voice of the people, urging them never to give in to the face of oppression, motivating them to stand firm in their belief that they too can be free. It is in the examples of great writers such as John Stuart Mills that we see the power of the pen, when in his poetry, he opposed the censorship of the freedom of speech, he not only paved the way for a great many writers more to come but also spoke against injustice and liberated the minds of the people. It has also been seen throughout history that whenever the era of a ruthless dictator has sprung up, the demise of great literature and of individual expression has always followed as can be seen in the example of Hitler. So much so that especially in movies and other works of fiction about dystopian realities, books are seen as that which is forbidden and used as a key symbol for rebellion and emancipation.

But what quality is it, that truly sets a good writer apart? The ability to closely observe and scrutinize human behavior, to be able to predict the most minute details, to elaborate on the flaws and irrationalities of human behavior and in writing their stories, bringing a newfound sense of perception and enlightenment in our lives. In our own context, writers such as Kamla Bhasin, Arundhati Roy and Saadat Hassan Manto are examples of writers who have mastered the art of not only making us understand, but rather making us feel what it is like to walk a mile in the shoes of the seemingly ordinary lives of extraordinary people.

2nd Position: Syeda Maria Tahir Hussain

A writer is merely a freethinker, bringing method to the bizarreness of a plain-speaker. These so-called Ruminants, lounge around the Realm of Books, make themselves invisible for the trendy technical advancements but glisten their every sight for the worldly cruxes and plights. Unnoticeably, these people walk foot to foot around their mates but keep their heads in a tiny groove of humbleness, capturing all that is right, lucid, unjust or wrong.
Moving ahead with our subject matter that is “Importance of a writer in the society”, this topic could instill anyone’s thought in a vortex of complexities. Because the designation of a writer is immensely growing in stature but its role to the layman seems undefined. Though, giving it a brisk consideration could never give answers to the issue, it requires sheer weighty study.

3rd Position (Rs. 1500) Syeda Maria Tahir Hussain

Well! Writing never harms. Since ages, it has been a very crucial tool, whether as a unifying medium of communication or as a weapon aiding outcomes for revolutionary wars, it never fails to make a mark. It isn’t wrong to state that the most primary reason of mayhem in the universal society is due to the lapses in literacy. The society’s clamor of turmoil in the economic development, poverty, unemployment, incidence in crimes, religious intolerance, and illiteracy may perhaps be defeated using the solemn power of literacy. If one accounts, Knowledge as the brain; humility as the lungs; money as the heart; food as the stomach and integrity as the liver for a successful society then literacy and writers are definitely the blood, passing through each organ, oxygenating them, keeping them healthier and alive.

If one plunges into the depth of writing significance, its function would appear more clearly. Starting from the first alphabet, it just doesn’t educate but also develop a sense of discipline and mannerism to the beginner, adding its benefit from the very step. When the beginner transfigures into a devoted reader, it envision the world from the sight of an erudite individual, affixing resoluteness in ones character. In the aftermath, the hollow personality, prod into an exceedingly well-versed person. Who believes in the supremacy of pen and words, who knows that if someone masters the art of composing words on a piece of plain paper, could move mountains through his mind’s eye. A writer with his knowledge on world’s predicament and dilemma could out shut any critic with his dexterity and more precisely could be used as a vehicle to alert or stimulate the melting of heart of the oblivious in his society.
Apart from all this, none may possibly negate the magnitude of writer’s role in enlightening the people around with the prevailing diseases. The literature of all the research papers of concerning pathologies requires superlative writing skills to be approved by the authorities. Which is then used to help in diagnosis and prognosis of disease for the medical professionals but for the common man, articles suffice for guidance.

Lastly, a writer fuels the soul with utter fascination with his masterpieces, which doesn’t only mesmerize the writer himself but also the reader. It has its uncanny competency to gravitate one of the dullest spirits and kindle them; motivate them; heal them in the most simplistic way. The psychologists have mentioned it as one of the therapies for the terrorizing, widespread depression. The condition where ones’ own thoughts suffocate and strangle them nearly to death, where the gridlock of emotions bolts their capacity to express. There, becoming a writer is no less than a savior; not only it calms them but also makes them a better version of themselves for future. That is how the skill of writing contributes in saving one and saving all.

The day when the words will dry and the world will out flood in pain and cry, there will be no knight in the shining armor, pens and pages will rot like a dead man in the morning hours, then only the humans of earth will realize that the asset of writing was clearly the guiding light.

3rd Position: Iqra Khan

Since the existence of human race, people made efforts to preserve themselves through writings. Be they symbolic or not, they have always been a peep hole into our history. Without the writings, we would have never survived, let alone developed. Had there been no writers, there would not be any history. No mention of inventions, discoveries, stories, histories, triumph and failures. We would not be aware of words and communication even, let alone language and libraries. They are the gems that highlighted the beauty of every major event like a jewel and put forward the views and explorations, then and now.
Without playwrights and scholars, the society would have been savage. We would have survived but with animosity, rage and ignorance in our heart. Each entertainment begins with an attached file of script and tune of poetry.

3rd Position (Rs. 500) Iqra Khan

What would be Asia without Iqbal, nature without Wordsworth, romance without Shakespeare, compassion without Eliot, revolution without Bernard Shah, humor without Burgess and Hugo, plays without Oscar Wilde and childhood without J.K. Rowling. What would be libraries and world without them all. How lonely would be our bedside tables, how tasteless our tea, colorless our lives and silent our fantasies. How minute would be the importance of imagination, ideas and innovation. How shallow would be our expression. Who would have known music and adventure? Where would be thrill?
If empathy exists in a ratio, the writers have the greatest proportions. If life is poetry the writers are the rhyme to it. If our emotions are a sea, the writers are the waves giving life to it. We can survive a thousand years without a manual but can’t live like a true human and that is the reason for the revelation of the divine books. Even God found it vital to guide us through books, writings and His commands.

It is only the writer who can project the beauty of ripples in troubled waters of our life. Who would have bled on pain and suffering with optimum spice, if not the writers? Everyone says and everyone writes, but the writers store only the essence of extract from blabbing words of garbage. Had it not been the writers we would have lost truth by froths of mere spoken words. How would we be able to express ourselves, relate our scars to beautiful symphony and have catharsis? We would have been living with pain but no name, romance but no celebration, love with no expression and beauty without any appreciation. Our authors have the expression that everyone can relate to. The feels that everyone who reads can explore, but the attire that not everyone has courage to put on. Without them we would have been in a stagnant state throughout. The expression of emotions through gestures is what makes our present beautiful but presented through a writer is what makes it memorable, preserved in a cascade to be nurtured.

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