Premium Membership of Living Writing

After conducting several open-to-all competitions, Living Writing has decided to create a Premium Membership plan.
There will be a series of regular competitions and writing campaigns among our Premium Members. All we want is to make people read and more preferably write.

We have also decided to set a very small amount of fees (even less than your monthly easyload expense) in order to keep things in order and achieve serious behaviours and serious members. The competitions among Premium Members will be of even bigger cash prizes, and other surprising benefits.

What about Premium Membership Fees?

Well, to be honest, we don’t need your fees neither we want to fill up our bank accounts asking you to pay this and that amount so as to take part in our Premium Group’s activities. But due to certain unavoidable, irresistible and unsurmountable reasons, this extra burden comes over our weakened shoulders.

Procedure for group membership is quite simple. Rs. 1000/- (One thousand rupees) is the annual (yearly) fee charges for group membership. This makes approx 80 rupees monthly which is the most affordable amount for any internet user.

Fee will be collected on yearly basis i.e. one thousand rupees at the time of registration, and after every 12 months. Each and every member (even staff members) would have to pay fee in order to get Premium Membership.

What kind of competitions will be held?

The group will be conducting competitions of Poem writing, prose, essay writing, article writing, column and blog writing, novel and short story writing in both Urdu and English languages. Moreover, weekly question answer competitions, best topic suggestion, best idea, best quotations and best excerpt selection will also be carried out. (You have already seen several competitions with cash prizes of thousands of rupees at our Facebook Page). Prizes ranging from Rs. 1000 – Rs. 20,000 or more will be set as per the nature of the competition.

What are the benefits of Premium Membership?

To summarize, there is a number of benefits that can be availed by a Premium Member. This includes:

  • Eligibility to participate in bigger competitions with greater cash prizes.
  • Quality writers will be promoted. We plan that their books, collection of essays or short stories, novels, and blogs could be published.
  • We also plan to employ skilled writers for online teaching and guide newbies for writing.

Beside these, there is a number of other regular benefits that can only be availed by a Premium Member. Membership holders will be eligible to participate in greater number of competitions with big cash prizes and increased opportunities to win. Moreover, according to the capabilities of members, we also intend to employ our members for several activities against which they will be paid their salaries.

How to register for a Premium Membership?

Registration for a Premium Membership is a two-step procedure.

  1. Send us a message at our Facebook Page (Click Here) so that we can tell you the fees-payment method.
  2. After filling and submitting the membership fees, you will have to fill a small registration form (Click Here)