LivingWriting Progress

LivingWriting actually started as a Facebook Page and our keen focus was to target Writers. 9th March, 2017 was the very first day when our Page appeared at Facebook, and we posted our first competition for writing an article on “The Memorable Incidence of Your Life” against a cash-prize of Rs. 1000/-. The page was empty. No members, no posts, no likes at all. Only one candidate took part and posted an article-like comment. We were really disappointed and distracted for obvious reasons, so we just left and forgot the page at once.

Few days later, a discussion took place among friends and we decided to restart our page. The first task was to give the cash-prize to the sole participant of the last competition. We did that. We transferred the cash prize to our sole candidate and the only winner and then, twisted the environment of the page altogether.

Second, a relatively small competition was soon at the surface and it was about the Topic-Suggestion (for our next writing-competition). Likewise, one after another on a regular basis several competitions have been conducted at our Facebook page. A summary of all the competitions and winners can be seen on the following links:

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