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    So here is the deal

    You have to write an Essay analyzing “Characteristics of an Ideal Society

    Read Every Point Carefully & Act Accordingly:

    • Essay should be ranging from 500 – 1000 words. (Not less than 500 words)
    • The essay should be free from grammatical mistakes.
    • It should be your own and free from plagiarism (i.e. It shouldn’t be a copy-paste of someone else’s intellectual property).
    • Essay must be submitted (posted) here in this same forum. Submissions elsewhere will not be accepted at all.
    • Submission must be in text form. Pictures, hand written copies, pdf files, word files will not be accepted.
    • You must be a Premium Member or else your Submission will not be included in the competition and No Cash Prize will be considered for you. If you are not a Premium Member, you can apply for our Premium Membership simply filling a form and paying Rs. 1,000/= (yearly membership fees).

    Last Date of Submission:

    May 31, 2017


    First Position: Rs. 5,000/-

    Second Position: Rs. 2,000/-

    Third Position: Rs. 1,000/-


    Naseer Muhammad
    Premium Member

    Since the evolution of species many variations has taken place  in this world . The place where some species live and interact with eachother is known as Population in the world of Biology but English men call it society in their language . Each society possesses its own importance . Where ever the word of society comes our mind shouts and says that this is the place where human live . Human is the name of only social animal who possesses feelings and emotions, mind and interactions and much more through which it has been given importance in this materialistic era ,each thing in this world has been given importance due to its characters some things are kept in the view of beautifulness and ugliness. As I am talking about Ideal society so there is no matchful example of Hazur ( s.a.w)’s society in which my great teacher Hazur (s.a.w) lived. He has given us ideal teachings.It was the society that People lived in eachothers’ hearts. When cruel people were being treated too in a patient way , this is the precious characteristic of an ideal society that is no more among us . That was the society when people who commited mistakes was given such teachings that never wanted to commit again .There was the teaching of eesar (equality) which has been taught by the Prophet( P.B.U.H) its great proof is in front of you that A woman who used to throw garbage on Prophet ( P.B.U.H)’s feet and in reaction Hazur s.a.w never even scolded her but inspite of that when she got sick Hazur s.a.w visited her .

    It was the society where we were taught to help others and to be the shoulders of needy people and it should be exemplified like that a woman was carrying her goods and asked a man to help her and he helped her till her destination and she spoke wrong words against of Muhammad P.B.U.H and when she reached she asked him his name and he told that he is Muhammad and she was amazed because Hazur S.a.w without saying anything given us the message of tolerance and in last sermon He said clearly by prefering equality that no man is superior to other whether he is white, rich or superior in society.

    That society should be called as ideal in which a people who is in trouble be given help without telling the matter .

    Islam itself has given alot of rights to neighbours

    That will be the ideal society in which no man could be thirsty or hungry in presence of neighbourers .and that will be the ideal society in which people are given due respect and importance .

    And the society in which all people associate in others’ happinesses and sorrows through forgetting all the abhorrences.and the society in which all hands are collective to snatch their rights where no one is killed in the roads or streets .

    And that will be the ideal society where streets give the message of peace , where hearts give the message of love , where minds think positive , where powers think to be the strength of powerless people , where emotions think to be the positive feelings of others’, where men and women are called same and  given similar due respects . where living life couldn’t be a trouble ,where love is spread despite spreading awe, where smile is put on all faces , where little flower like children are sent to school and religious institutes to get education ,Where new generations see the look of a peaceful,loyal and heartiful society.where no one is meant to be irresponsible but inspired to survive , where people don’t want to end up their life but think to live and be the support of despondents , where dispossessed is not hurt but given inspiration and live and not to take dispossession as his /her feableness, where old people aren’t sent to old houses or foundations but given a place to live in hearts and to live together in a single home, where relations are prefered despite prefering materialistic things , where sick people don’t give up but given an inspiration to fight with disease,where right should be more important than favouritism ,where sneer isn’t prefered but gatherings are prefered to share happy moments,where actions are prefered more than words,where people are taught but not scolded, where cuddles are appreciated but not fightings,where creative minds are appreciated and given opportunities despite ingeminated ingeminated minds.

    Conclusively , that will be ideal society which will be based on teachings of Islam.


    Faiza Chaudary
    Premium Member

           The characteristics of an ideal                                        society

    The concept of common culture,language,values and civilization unites people on one platform.This platform is called Society.It is the basic unit of the world.The societies of different types combine to a well organized world we live in.In this way,a society is of great significance to us.In a society,people of different races and faiths live together and share some common interests.This is what actually unites them.

    Now,if we talk about an ideal society,it is the one in which everything goes with the flow and every matter is solved in a right way.In an ideal society,people care about each other and grapple with every problem collectively.Everyone has some rights.An ideal society considers all of them.It demands the support and contribution of every single person as a part of society.

    An ideal society have well organized system based on universally accepted good instincts of people like helping others during bad times,taking care of their respect and property in their absence.A society of such kind is an example for mankind.The masses need a leader.So,a society also need some people who can monitor the situation and maintain the peace.For this purpose,there should be a committee consisting of people like religious scholars,government servants and secretary of the society.This will aid people in solving the problems quite easily.The people should also cooperate with system to run everything smoothly.This is what makes a society an ideal society.

    Every society encounter the problems like moral abuse,robbery,resistance,unjust killing and other creative sufferings.But an ideal society deals with them in an optimistic and a wise way.Firstly,they present the matter in front of coordinators and controllers and then make their own decision.This suppress the chances of resistance and chaos.

    When it comes to rituals and ceremonies,an ideal society is not less than a family.All the families living there join hands to share happiness and joy.In this way,strength in unity goes on increasing.

    Sometimes,calamity on a single person becomes a challenge for whole social union.At this point,an ideal society demonstrates itself.For this,all the people become a single body to prove the worth of man.This is what makes an ideal society distinct from other societies.

    As reality is always different from the expectation,there is no such thing as an ideal society.Yes,reality is bitter.People usually throw away the morality when it comes to their own interests.Sadly,people always keep looking for the secrets and flaws in other people to manipulate and abuse them.This not only causes damage to that society but also harms the rest of the world.But still there is a hope.A perfectly ideal society is not present but it can be made of we unite and stand because team work is a dream work.


    Shafi Bugti
    Premium Member

    Characteristics of an ideal society

    Word ‘Society’ came from the Latin word ‘socious’ that means ‘friend, association or company. Society is defined as a group of people living together sharing different norms and values and taking benefits from each other, a place where individuals are dependent on each other. Societies form millions years before and pass through different revolutions with the time, some of the oldest civilizations where societies were formed are following:

    Mesopotamian civilization: It is considered one of the most oldest and first civilizations that existed on planet earth around 8000 BC which is now modern day Iraq.

    Indus valley civilization: It was formed around 3000 BC is one of the oldest civilizations and is located in today’s Pakistan that include mohenjodaro and Harappa.

    Ancient Egyptian civilization: It is one of the Egypt’s earliest civilizations around 3000 BC.

    Individuals may have different point of view about an ideal society, peoples, philosophers and socialists presented different systems and theories to form an ideal society but like Communism, Supremacy, democracy, socialism, Plato’s theory of an ideal society etc. According to me An ideal is a myth and which can only be found in stories like Mr. Thomas Moore’s fiction work he named ‘Utopia’ (published in 1516) where he showed a perfect world and an ideal society, where there is justice, no war, greed or hate, no classes, no racism, sexism, individuals are given equal rights, everyone have access to clean water, pure environment, healthy food, where there is no disease, everyone is happy, where crime is a word unknown to the society.

    As we humans are selfish and greedy by nature from birth, so we cannot form an ideal society but we can work in making that near to an ideal and a perfect society, for that we need to take different steps and fix different things to make it a better world to live in and that needs following characteristics:

    Justice is the backbone of any society; any society without justice is like a body without soul and a temple without God. Justice maintains the situations and law and order in the society where fairness is administrated, rights are given to everyone in the society, and wrong doers are punished for their crime regardless of their cast, class and superiority. As an example let’s take Netherland where because of quick and fair justice crime rate is dropping by 0.9 percent per year and they are closing their most of the prisons because of no criminals.

    Education: “Knowledge is power, information is liberating, and education is the premise of progress in every society and in every family” (Kofi Annan).

    Education is one of the strongest weapon and need of any society, any society without education cannot be civilized, it is the one that gives different qualified individuals to the society and fills their positions like doctors, engineers`, entrepreneurs etc that make society more civilized, developed and strong.

    Basic needs: In ideal societies basic needs are easily accessible and affordable to every individual in the society these include clean water, healthy food, shelter, healthcare, respect, acceptance and importance in the society. Only then individuals can easily focus and work towards the progress and development of the society when they are free from focusing and working on filling their basic needs otherwise they will just focus on filling their basic needs and have no time for other important tasks like progress and development.

    Building character: Character and ethics are something that shape any nation or society and for a good society, it needs character building of their members from early age (from age four to seven) to teach them the basic ethics and codes of society and make them able to act like one, as an example we can take Japan where kids are taught basic ethics, personality development, are taught to be loving, caring and tolerant towards each other in the first two to three years of school to make them civilized and tolerant citizens.

    Freedom of speech: Freedom of speech should be given to every member of the society but keeping in mind the difference between freedom of speech and freedom of insult, freedom of speech is something used for the betterment of society and freedom of insult in the name of freedom of speech gives birth to the hatred and violence.

    Strong economy: In this era of continuous changes, development and competition societies need strong economy to success and survive.

    Differences in the form of race, gender, religion etc should be accepted and respected for an ideal society and freedom of practicing faith, celebrating culture and work of choice should be given to everyone along with equal rights.

    Strong army: As humans are greedy and jealous by nature, there is always a threat to any society from another society of attacking them and trying to take control over, ideal societies prepare for their future in the present and stay alert and ready for the safety of their land and people, so a strong army for the protection should be always a priority in this era because underdeveloped nations with strong army can survive today but nations with big roads and skyscrapers with no army can fall anytime.

    Once these all are done then ideal societies go towards developing roads, skyscrapers, parks and put efforts to make member’s life style more good and comfortable.

    From my point of view these are some characteristics that make any society near to ideal or perfect in today’s world, As time changes everything, what is good today may not be the same tomorrow with the passage of time people’s perspective and point of view changes about things For Example 60 years before gay marriages or relationship were considered sin and worst thing ever in the whole world but now in most of the countries these are considered as normal relationship. Same in case of this topic, characteristics for an ideal society today, were not same yesterday and will be different tomorrow.

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    Maria Afrin
    Premium Member

    Characteristics of an Ideal Society

    Society means different people of a population living together and interacting with each other while the word ideal refers to perfection, something that serves as a standard. Many quintessential characteristics need to function together to make an ideal society. It is the collective duty of the government, law abiding bodies and general public. From the head of the state to a common workingman each and every individual has to first of all realize that every act of them can lead towards the well-being or destruction of the society, and then play their positive role.
    Let us now discus some of the key characteristics:
    Social Equality:
    The first and foremost important characteristic of an ideal society is that there should be no discrimination of any kind between the individuals. The members of the society shall be given equal respect, justice and opportunities to improve their standard of living irrespective of their religion, cast, skin color and financial status.
    Everyone should be equal not only in the eye of law but every other institution as well. Admissions in educational institutes and jobs should be given purely on the basis of merit. Anyone offering bribery or having been recommended by someone should not be given extra favors. Every life should be equally important and no one should be given the right to take the life of any other individual or harm him/her. The victims of such cases should also be given justice on the basis of equality and equity (where needed and possible). Justice should be easily approachable and affordable for a common man.
    Everyone should have the freedom and liberty to express their views verbally or in written form (considering the necessary limitations e.g. hate speech does not come under the label of freedom of expression). Every individual should have the right to practice their religion in their places of worship and their homes, vote for the member/party of their choice and make personal choices, off course without derailing the moral values, and committing any crime.
    Peace and Harmony:
    The presence of equality and freedom will automatically develop peace, harmony and a sense of brotherhood in people which are essential features of an ideal society. “I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities”, Nelson Mandela
    When everyone would have equal opportunities to develop and prosper then naturally majority of the people would not envy each other and would develop mutual friendships. Peace and harmony are essential for co-existence. Harmony will lead the society towards betterment and prosperity as the common phrase, “United we stand divided we fall”. An ideal society is full of love and free of unproductive negative elements such as jealousy, backbiting and gossip.
    An ideal society is the one in which there are experts from every field of life. People depend on each other and value the importance of each other. A well-educated doctor cannot deny the role of a shoemaker in his life. If there were no factory owners the labors working in factories would have been jobless. And there are many such examples of interdependence. Everyone has a link with the other in the society and no one can survive in isolation.
    Acknowledgement and Encouragement:
    Every individual who is trying to add their bit in the society shall be acknowledged for his/her skills and encouraged to do more. Unfortunately, in our society doctors and engineers are well acknowledged but no one realizes the beauty of the colors an artist adds to the society, the thoughts that a writer provokes in his/her readers or the grooming and development of students that a teacher does etc. An ideal society should appreciate every field and should celebrate variety.
    Check and Balance:
    The effectiveness of all the features discussed above are subjected to the presence of a system of check and balance. In an ideal society there should be a transparent system of check and balance to make sure everyone is getting equal rights, the society is corruption free and no one is defrauding or harming others in anyway or taking law in their hands.
    As Edward Abbey (American author) said, “The ideal society can be described, quite simply, as that in which no man has the power of means to coerce others”
    The crux of this essay is that in an ideal society every human being is considered equal, wrongdoings are checked and punished and everyone is considered deserving to be loved. Every religion promotes these things and considering Islam the most followed and official religion of Pakistan, if we start implementing the teachings of Islam in our daily lives we can build an ideal society. It may seem difficult and unpractical but nothing is impossible, only commitment and hard work is required.


    Gul E Rana
    Premium Member

    Characteristics of an Ideal Society

    A positive thought produces a constructive essence of the emotions. This very constructive essence of emotions produces an ideal society, which in turn, gives rise to prosperity. Prosperity leads to progress while progress leads to the development of a complete individuality for a nation.
    Conversely, a pessimistic approach is more like a cancer for nation that if once spread, won’t be able to be cured. Pessimistic people are the real and major hurdles in the progress of a nation.

    In this article, I will give a greater part of my emphasis on the current situation of Pakistan. I will try to quantify the prevailing problems, and later on, will provide a sole and systemic solution of each of the problems discussed.

    For over the past 68 years, ruling political parties have been claiming to eradicate poverty and enhancing the national prosperity. Yet, over 60 million Pakistanis lie even below the line of poverty. The real numbers most probably are/will remain unknown.
    Our rulers at the core, have not only been unable to eradicate poverty, but have also lead to remarkable religious, provincial, tribal and sectarian kinds of racisms. “The ruled” & “The ruler” are the two classes of our society. And the dichotomy of the two has no common point and no connecting means at all. They are different in every aspect of their lives. From their daily living to the educational pattern and from their basic concept of life to the broader aims and ambitions, everything is far apart.

    There is a variety of other unfortunate incidences that can be named in order to exemplify more of our national tragedies. For example, a usual construction and road building plan takes a billion-rupees marketing budget. We are used to watching hundreds of advertisements on the Television as well as in Newspapers about the governmental construction plans. I mean, do you really imagine “the need” of publicizing it and spend a few million rupees on advertisements telling the nation that you are active?

    An ideal society can mean a lot more than a thousand-word article. It is essentially free from poverty, and full of prosperity. To be honest, the real solution of the mentioned problems lies within. Because, when everything is mystified and tangled, it is better to begin from the scratch once again. And this time, begin with the end in mind.

    Creating a better individual character is the only solution to all the problems, and way to maintain the societal integrity and develop an Ideal society. It is supposed to be said that bribery, intercession, injustice, lack of the sense of responsibility and other societal disorientations greatly depend on the individual character and conscience. To eradicate these problems, the development of a better individual character and conscience, campaigns should be designed to free the nation from socio-psychological stress, psychiatric disasters, inner guilt and consequently from social compulsions.

    Problems may technically be difficult to sort out if you find a difficult way to solve. Majority of solutions to our common problems prevailing in the society are keenly mechanistic rather than systemic. And this is the point where newer problems arise and everything results in vain.


    Misbah Noreen
    Premium Member

    The law of jungle means the survival of the fittest. It refers to a situation where the weak have no place to hide. The practice of it can be traced back to the early days when human started residing the earth. It was only gradually that they realized that the happiness was not in eliminating others, as this posed a consistent threat to their own survival, but was in mutual cooperation and coexistence. This laid the foundation of human society. Society deals with collectiveness. It portrays the beauty of diversity. To lead just individual life is not enough really; to live in the society, is not ending also per se; rather to be a part of an ideal society is actually inspiring.  The ideal society enjoys many characteristics as have been observed by the sociologists of different eras. What is required for such society is to know how to mingle the desperate elements in the unique and ideal form.
    Famous philosopher, Aristotle  remarked that Man is a social animal. As a social animal his life is dependent on others. Society has been defined in different ways as Talcott Parsons remarks “Society may be regarded as the most general term referring to the whole complex of relations of man to his fellows”. According to sociologists, a society is a group of people with common territory, interaction and culture. A society is flourished as an ideal society, when its members do not spend their wealth to fulfill their own desires but reserve a portion of it for their surroundings. As the saying goes, charity begins at home. With the advancement of society this degree of interdependence increases manifold.
    Like every perfect dish is made by following a perfect recipe missing of any ingredient will affect it in one or other way. Similarly the dream of ideal society can’t be fulfilled if it lacks the requisites that makes it  a perfect one. some characteristics of an ideal society are hereby being penned otherwise survival of an ideal society is impossible:
    Securing human-rights:
    Society is made-up of humans. The life of human has twine aspects; one is to his personal while the other one is relating to the surrounding. The latter aspect of human life compels to provide the place where people of different walk of life may live together-and that is society. For this, securing of human rights is far important. A society which enjoys all the basic rights would be called an ideal society.

    Providing basic needs:
    Every human demands two sorts of rights basically; one is material while the other one is abstract. It is wrong saying that the society is but abstract. An ideal society is where not only the abstract needs; education, health, justice etc are fulfilled but its material needs like shattering, clothing, and feeding are also entertained
    Absence of nepotism:

    Nepotism is a curse which does eclipse the image of society from its roots. In exercising the both aforesaid characteristics, nepotism is the basic barrier. Nepotism at any level splits the society. How it can be imagined of an ideal society, when even the entertaining of rights or paying of duties are practiced by those who have been reserved through nepotism.

    Rule of Law:- Law is viewed as the tool of society which entertains the people with rights and needs. To pursue the former characteristics, rule of law plays the key role. No right is protected, no need is entertained and no merit is possible until the rule of law is established. It is aptly saying that society without having basic needs may be exist but in the absence of rule of law, the deterioration of society is destined. Consequent upon the rule of law, the allocation of assets, the same rights already outlined for the members of a society are placed.
    Moral values:-
    The actual power of the society is derived from moral values which lead the people to do for the advancement of society not because of considering it obligatory rather voluntary. This spirit of contribution plays vital role in developing or making the ideal society. To establish these values among the people, teachers and scholars have responsibility to get the people realized that in pursuing of commercialization, there must be a vacuum for advancement of society just because of being a part of this society and certainly such society would be destined.
    Demarcation of jurisdiction:

    Problem is created when one intrudes into others rights. That is the dilemma of deteriorating society that a few people have idea about their jurisdiction and intentionally or otherwise unintentionally they encroach onto others area of life; subsequently, society is split and embarrassment is sparked. To avoid such kind of situation, demarcation of jurisdiction is indispensible, so that an ideal society to live would be made possible.

    Society is solely the interaction of people, how people care for each other, how well they adapt to the existing rules of law. Albeit a perfect society is far from being achieved as there is no concept of idealisim, yet a society can be made stable, worth living particularly near ideal one by implementing the aforementioned characteristics’. The achievement of these goals will eventually lead to more healthier and fulfilling society further emphasizing the importance of society.

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    Maria Chaudhary
    Premium Member

    Millions of  years ago when civilization took its innovative breaths on this isolated and barren planet. People found their residence around the riches of water. At that time four civilizations were emerging from four great capitals of water. These were; Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Harrapan and Chinese civilizations. We also know that when Hazrat Ibrahim( A.S) left Hazrat Hajira (A.S) and toddler Ismail in the desert. Then by the grace of Allah, Zamzam opened to flow. Troops came, saw water, settled there, resulted in the enhancement of families and relations. From there the society of Arab launched. Similarly, societies around the four capitals of water also initiated.

    So we can say that different people cohabit at a place to form a society. But a society can be of any species i.e. animals’, birds’,  humans’. There should be a difference between society of human and others. After all, man is the caliph of God on Earth.

    It will not enough to say that a group of people make a society. Infact, a society is itself a living being. A man is society. Actually there is nothing as ideal Society, these are characteristics of a man living in Society.

    A place where different people live together with a covalent bond of love between them is called ideal Society. It may be a characteristic of an utopia. This world can never be a Utopia but a piece of peace. Thus our aim must be to make this world an ideal society.

    All societies have a proper structure of them and there are specific positions for specific people. But it’s a characteristic of an ideal society where every person is fully  acknowledged of  his position and perform his duty too. And it’s a fundamental motive of the base of an ideal society.

    Normally it is considered as an ideal society is that who provides it’s citizens full freedom, benefits and facilities. But it ’s only cover of a book. Actually, an ideal society offering all these provisions have strong institutions at its back. Societal institutions involve government, economy, and other institutes which are responsible for the security and prosperity of its people i.e. POLICE, Educational institutions etc.

    A society can be ideal in only a way when it attains a powerful government governing it’s all institutions in the light of Islam’s teachings. Because pick up any chapter of history, no society is well organized than Islamic society was. Era of caliphs after Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) is an elite example of golden features of governing a society. They made their society in true means, a Utopia under considering the principles of last prophet (PBUH). Those societies were perfect amalgam of democracy and dictatorship.

    Today, only democracy is consider as a way to progress of a society. The democracy in fair Islamic era was, infact, most modernized one. The ideal society was that when leaders were most aware of the problems of public, when they march in the streets at night to ensure the security of their people after full day duty. The ideal society comes into being when great leader like Hazrat Umer bin Abdulaziz (A.S) said:

    “I will be answerable if a puppy died at the  bank of river Euphrates due to thirst.”

    At another time, he_the fifth caliph of Umayyad dynasty, said:

    “If a donkey tripped in Baghdad, (hundreds of miles away) I will be responsible for not clearing the road for him”,

    Ideal society is when a gold brick is placed in market but no one dares to steal it. Ideal society is when there are no saled courts or judges. Ideal society is when a judge can call the leader of continent in court. Ideal society generates only when a judge calls sentence to death his own son on the base of justice. Ideal society produces only when great emphasis is given to family institutions. Ideal society establishes when rights of partners and neighbors are emphasized along with relatives.

    Undoubtedly, ideal societies created only in case when animals are also given so much care. Today, all these characteristics of an ideal society are adopted by developed societies instead of us. We can see that all these benefits which we have entertained in past, are now enjoying by people of U.S, Europe, USSR etc.

    But to think up is, a society can’t attain such exemplary characteristics itself. Surely, along with the guidelines of Islamic principles, there is an empower government governing it, such teachers educing  best qualities from students and such great mothers bringing up powerful  builders of society.

    At the end, I will just sum up the characteristics of an ideal society by Allama Iqbal ‘s vision who told about the generation of  ideal society of Muslims,  in a verse, which is translated as follows:

    For enemies, they were solid than steel,
    for each other, they were softer than silk



    Aroosa Arooj
    Premium Member

    Since the time antediluvian man has been living in some sort of social setup which by the passage of time transformed into proper clans and tribes collectively constructing a society. The term “Society” doesn’t refer to some certain terminology or a proper definition. It varies time to time. Mathematics is something people are scared of, specifically that of one mind boggling “x” because of its variable nature in different questions, in different theorem, likewise the definition of society is different in different modes. However, the average of all the definitions would sum it up as an organized collective form of people together sharing religious, cultural, social, and political norms. Becoming a part of a society is not the choice of man, rather it’s his psychological need. Now, before directly hitting the stance comprising characteristics of an ideal society, I would entwine this discussion with a historical event. In earlier 20th century, after World War I, a collective decision was made by leaders of magnificent nations to conform a society named League of Nations in order to avoid waging another war. Which after disruption of WWII badly failed to meet its hard and fast objectives. Here the purpose of unearthing the gravity of a political issue is to clarify my stance regarding the term ‘ideal’. The Idea of League of nations given by Woodrow Wilson 28th U.S president was based on a doctrine “Idealism”. Now what is idealism? Well In sociological sense, it emphasizes the way how human ideas, beliefs and values, nature, and norms make a society. The main stance encapsulating this theory is that Man is loving by nature and he loves to find different ways to live together happily. Alas! Innocent souls with innocent thoughts. Man is neither selfish nor loving by his nature, Circumstances and conditions makes him what he is. Likewise an ideal society is something hard to find in contemporary era. However, we can find something amply close to the word ‘ideal’. The major feature of a society is none but its individual. An ideal Society is incomplete without ideal approach of its individuals. Individual himself decides whether the society he is going to make or share would be ideal or creaking one. Some of the characteristics conforming an ideal society are given as follows;

    1) 1) Sà Skipper cum leader

    Everything in this universe carries a herald which leads to a mastermind who is behind its creation and beholding. The basic feature of an ideal society is his skipper cum leader. Who holds the entire society and takes everyone to the right direction. The word leader shouldn’t be confused with a statesman. A statesman gives order and sit back, a leader doesn’t impose orders, rather takes decision and leads from the front.

    2) 2) Oà Obstructing intolerance spreading tranquility

    The morbidity most of the societies are triggering from is bigotry. The pre-requisite of a peaceful society is culture of harmony, unison and respect. Which is unfortunately missing in contemporary epoch. Tolerance is the key to peace for any ideal society. Where is peace, there is freedom and where is freedom there individuals are free from all kinds of intolerant coercion.

    3) 3) CàCulture of Gender equality

    History bears witness to the fact, today’s developed societies once uprooted gender based violence, For instance, in America three waves of feminism has over shaken the entire body of belief pertaining to women’s rights. A feminist Simone de Beauvoir opined, “One is not born woman but rather one becomes woman.” The societies who failed to acknowledge women’s rights, are nowhere today. An ideal society considers women’s rights as human rights. As our Great Quaid once said, “There are two powers in the world; one is the sword and the other is the pen. There is a great competition and rivalry between the two. There is a third power stronger than both, that of the women.”

    4) 4) Ià Integrity and probity to greater extent

    In an ideal society individual integrity is vital. Society expects and requires integrity of its individual as well as its leader. Integrity insists on doing what is right being on the tread of conscience and not because of the fear that superior or subordinate is keeping an eye upon him.

    5) 5) E—> Equity over equality

    The terms equity and equality are sometimes used interchangeably. However equity is far cry from equality. We call it equality when everyone gets according to his status, and it’s equity when everyone gets according to his needs. For instance, in medical unit there is a fixed fee for everyone this is equality, but if there comes some concession for poor, yes it is called equity. An ideal society prefers equity over equality.

    6) 6) Tà Transparency and accountability

    “You will not experience dramatic change in your struggle as long as you use transparency and accountability to describe your sins instead of declaring your need for help in the midst of temptation.” (By Heath Lambert, Finally Free: Fighting for purity with power of grace). An ideal society promotes transparency and discourages corruption at all levels.

    7) 7) Yà Yells are responded at the drop of hat

    Justice delayed is justice denied. A society can never reach at the height of glory unless or until culture of proper law and order prevails. As an American African social reformer Frederick Douglass once opined, “Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.” An ideal society shouldn’t be visually impaired in ensuring justice, justice for an oppressed irrespective of opulence or higher status of his oppressor.

    Summing up all, just like a perfect lemonade is incomplete without any of its ingredient, an ideal society is incomplete if any of the above characteristic fails to hold.

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