Competition # 8: Book Review

So here is the deal to write and win. You have to write a review of a Book. Choice of the book depends totally on your discretion. You choose the book, write a review and submit it.

Requirements (Read Carefully)

  • You can choose book of any language, but review article should be in English only.
  • Article should be well-crafted one and free from grammatical mistakes.
  • Word limit is from 500 – 1000.
  • It should be your own and free from plagiarism (i.e. It shouldn’t be a copy-paste of someone else’s intellectual property).
  • Essay must be submitted through the form below. Submissions elsewhere will not be accepted at all.
  • Submission must be in text form. Pictures, hand written copies, pdf files, word files will not be accepted.


1 Prize of Rs. 1500/- for the Best Article

Last Date

10 June, 2017

Submission Form

***All fields are required to be filled correctly

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  1. I wrote essay filled everything but i dont know how to enter fb link.My form is submitted or not.

    1. It is a link to your profile.
      Go to your Facebook Timeline and copy the link of page and paste it here.

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